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HonestRx is a true strategic partner. We have the staffing to support more than 1,000,000 lives.

The pharmacy world is complex, and sometimes, just plain difficult. But we know finding the right partner can be just as tough. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team is ready to support all aspects of your pharmacy benefit program. By serving as the liaison between you and your PBM, we help manage the entire pharmacy benefit process, improve your member experience and ultimately lower plan costs. We guarantee we’ll save you money. If we don’t, we’ll pay the difference.



HonestRx Consulting was founded on four principles that

clients see in every team member and every interaction.


Provide the most important information first. Even when it may not be perceived as positive.


Be completely transparent and unafraid to answer the hard questions.


Serve clients as trusted partners and seek their trust in HonestRx to be reciprocal.


Embrace technological change, but always remember that “great service never goes out of style."

If you have a guarantee, what do you have to lose?